Building mission-driven communities

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I'm a 19-year-old currently living in Connecticut. I was born in France but spent most of my growing up all over the place, in countries like America, Italy, and Canada.

Currently, I'm working at On Deck where we make it our mission to help more people start the best startups. There I grow Merge, a club for microgrant recipients working on big ideas.

On the side, I run a collective of young developers, designers, and founders at Buildergroop. I also created Photography Lounge, a community of over 15k photographers who make their home on Discord. Most recently, I'm building UltraRice and funding teen's passion projects at Bagel Fund.

I've spent the past 3 years:

  • Giving $10k to talented teenagers in 48-hour hackathons
  • Studying at The Knowledge Society on a full ride scholarship
  • Becoming the first person under 18 to incorporate a company with Stripe
  • Raising $40k in grants from Emergent Ventures, 1517 Fund, and others
  • Building a community agency to 2M moderated members
  • Listening to house music and making mixes with friends